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Privacy Policy

ScammerSpammer DOES NOT collect or want your personal information.

While we don't want your personal information we do collect IP addresses of visitors who submit Email addresses to the website so that we can track and block access to users who are found to be abusing this website. That's it. That's all. This could possibly be the shortest, simplest privacy policy EVER written in the history of the internet.

Please do not abuse the system

This basically means don't use a friends or "guy you don't like" email because it will onlly cause problems with the service. Please understand that this system is not a joke and the attacks can only be stopped manually. Because this website works on the "Honor" system we will ban any IP address that has been found to abuse the system.

What happens if the system gets abused?

If an "Innocent" victim gets attacked buy our server it will most likely mean that our server will be banned from sending emails and the website will possibly get shut down. This hurts EVERYONE. I do not charge for this service and I spent a lot of time to get it working so we can ALL benifit.

What if my email address has been "Attacked"?

We want this site to be as honest as possible. If your email has been attacked simply send and email FROM THE EMAIL that has been attacked and I will put it in the blocked list and you will no longer be able to be used as an attack destination.

**This website may or may not work with Internet Explorer.

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